Collectief Het Paradijs: Vormen van opdringerigheid

Co-direction Nicole Beutler, on tour in 2022

After the success of their piece Paradijsvertraging, theatre collective Het Paradijs now plunges into a triptych of intrusiveness, directed by Ko van den Bosch, Jakop Ahlbom and Nicole Beutler!

Eight people crammed in a subway. Eight people alone in their apartment. Eight people stuck in their own heads. In the triptych 'Vormen van opdringerigheid' (Shapes of intrusion), Collectief Het Paradijs examines three perspectives on the ever increasing violation of personal space. In the physical proximity of other people in public space, the desire to be seen collides with the confrontation that this implies. The outside world intrudes into our home by a constant stream of messages, news and stimuli. And the private space of our own head is flooded with thought, wants and needs. Every perspective is directed by another director.

Cast & Credits

Performance, production and design: Santino Slootweg, Jurriaan de Vos, Len Leo Vincent, Luuk Weers, Sue-Ann Bel, Ivar Schutte, Jasper Koopmans, Vincent van Woerkom
Director akte 1: Ko van den Bosch
Director akte 2: Jakop Ahlbom
Director 3: Nicole Beutler

Final director & text: Ko van den Bosch
Dramaturgy: Eline de Mey
Lighting design / technique: Marcel Slagter
Direction trailer: Vincent van Woerkom
Graphic design: Het IJzeren Gordijn

Campagne image: Leonel Piccardo
Scène photography: Mirjam Zwanenburg
Production: Mirjam Zwanenburg
Business manager: Karin van den Berg
Marketing: Lonneke van Eden
Tour planning: Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi

Co-production: Collectief Het Paradijs, Feikes Huis, Jakop Ahlbom Company, Nicole Beutler Projects en Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam.
Supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Janivo Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Norma Fonds, Stichting Melanie, BNG Cultuurfonds, Stichting Dioraphte, Olland Buisman Stichting, Stichting Elise Mathilde, VSB Fonds,
Sponsoring: Bij ons Vintage, Ferragio.
Many thanks to: Rotterdams Tram Museum Stichting RoMeO