COPRODUCTION with Nicole Beutler Projects

As closely intertwined as the lives of these three sisters are, so closely do they let their voices blend in harmony. But to the attentive ear, one can hear that one voice sounds just a bit off-key. The closer they come together, the harder they must fight for their consonance. How close is too close? Where does it start to rub? And isn't it precisely that friction that makes the relationship intriguing? In this physical, a capella performance, the trio gets up close – and perhaps even inside – each other's skin. Influenced by Meredith Monk, ritualistic choral singing, and close-harmony music, they lay bare their desires and fears of intimacy.

The sisters Joske (actress), Annelie (vocalist), and Marthe Koning (physical performer) form the collective King Sisters. Starting from their singing voices, they create artistic, unconventional, musical performances in which they continually challenge each other from their own disciplines. With their clear musical language, they move and unsettle you. This trio makes you feel that the personal, such as your voice or your family, is directly connected to the world in which we live.


For several years, we have been following the development of these young artists, as coaches, in workshops, and during the summer academy WE LIVE HERE. Joske is a member of our decolonization book club, and Marthe was part of the first experiments for GINKGO within the framework of NKK NEXT.

Our artistic coordinator, Justa ter Haar, is the dramaturge of this performance.

Cast & Credits

Concept and performance: Joske Koning, Annelie Koning, Marthe Koning

Performance coach and final direction: Jessie L'Herminez

Dramaturgy: Justa ter Haar

Composition coach and final composer: Boris Bezemer

Scenography: Han Ruiz Buhrs

Costume: Akelei Loo

A Cement production, made possible by: Via Zuid, PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant, Grensverleggers, Het Cultuurfonds, NORMA, AFK, Dioraphte, FPK, Keep an Eye Foundation

In coproduction with Nicole Beutler Projects

Special thanks to: BUDA, De Grote Post, Het Nationale Theater / Zaal3