Nicole Beutler in a new docu-series about leading artists

Bekijk vanaf 18 april

Nicole Beutler can be seen in the new series Ammodo Docs from the Ammodo Foundation, these short documentaries are about the work of leading scientists and artists. Season one will premiere on Friday, April 7, 2023 at Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen and will be broadcast by NTR on NPO 2 Extra from April 18. The episode called 'Eyes Wide Open' is about the work of Nicole Beutler. Watch the trailer here.

Ammodo Docs is a series of artistic short documentaries about original thinkers. In fifteen-minute films, renowned filmmakers challenge the viewer to see the world through the eyes of pioneering artists and scientists.

In 'Eyes Wide Open', Floris-Jan van Luyn visited Nicole Beutler at some rehearsals of GINKGO or: 56 million years ago there were palm trees on the North Pole. The first part of her trilogy: RITUALS OF TRANSFORMATION. The film invites you to become part of her thinking and making processes for this production. Beutler combines a strong artistic vision with room for participation. She continuously asks her team for their vision in order to arrive at a collectively supported work of art. In this way she embodies a new form of leadership.

Ammodo Docs releases a new season of approximately six short films every year. The artists and scientists are linked to Dutch documentary makers – established names and proven talent – ​​who depict their subjects in a surprising and in-depth way. Season one was directed by Carin Goeijers, Floris-Jan van Luyn, Hester Overmars, Suzanne Raes, Renko Douze, Marleine van der Werf and Sjors Swierstra.

Visit their website to read more about Ammodo Docs and the episode ‘Eyes Wide Open’.