impact program

Impact program around ATMEN


'Time and space to talk, think and imagine together a possible future'


How can we contemplate a future during the climate crisis and global catastrophes?

Can we be hopeful without falling into naive optimism?

For ATMEN, Nicole Beutler drew inspiration from the book 'The World Without Us' by Alan Weisman. In it, he envisions what would happen to the world if humans were to disappear overnight; building roofs would collapse, water would find its way inside, and fungi, plants, trees, and animals would rebuild life in the ruins. While we can easily imagine a world without humans, can we also envision a world where humans continue to exist but relate to the world in a different way? Can we, from our current perspective, imagine a world where humans no longer place themselves above nature?

Nicole Beutler, in collaboration with various theaters in the Netherlands, presents an impact program featuring lectures, discussions, and encounters delving into our relationship and position with the planet. Together, we explore the possibility of looking into the distant future from a more-than-human perspective. Suppose you plant a tree in front of the theater square, and suppose that tree is allowed to live for 400 years without human interference.

How does that tree see its environment change?

In what kind of world are we planting it?

The evening begins with 'DE GROTEHOOPSHOW' by Collective Walden; a short 30-minute lecture performance where philosopher and dramaturge Thomas Lamers disarmingly explores the balance between hope and despair regarding the climate crisis.


In the foyer, you'll also find a clothing swap market where you can refresh your wardrobe without impacting the environment, silent disco headphones that allow you to listen to the introductory podcast about the performance and learn all about Nicole Beutler's approach, a reading table, and an activist exhibition by the artist collective Sunflower Soup.


Mid-evening, in the setting of Collective Walden's stage, there will be a special panel discussion. Participants in this discussion adopt a plant and envision its future. Where does this organism like to live, how will it develop in the coming years, and what adventures and dramas will they and their descendants witness in the wilderness of time? After the discussion, it's time for action. Everyone is invited to take their plant home or place it in the neighborhood as a 'guerrilla gardener,' taking care of the small to nurture the grand future.


The program, design, and timings may vary per theater. Keep a close eye on the theater's website for activities and timings of the impact program in your city. Arrive an hour before the start, bring your old clothes, and 'let's IMPACT together!'

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Grab a silent disco headphone and listen to the introductory podcast about the performance by artistic coordinator Justa ter Haar.


An exhibition by the artist collective Sunflower Soup, combining art and activism in their work.


Exchange clothes you no longer wear but are too nice to throw away here and/or find your new stunning outfit.


Explore the reading and listening recommendations from choreographer and theater maker Nicole Beutler. Here you'll find a selection from the library that inspired the performance ATMEN.