Grand Theatre Groningen

GINGKO, work in progress ...

Beutler in residence in Grand Theatre Groningen

This week Nicole Beutler is at work in the Grand Theatre in Groningen, together with the whole crew, giving shape to the first part of GINKGO or: 56 million years ago there were palm trees on the North Pole. It is the first part of the trilogy Rituals of Transformation, which will play in theaters from May 2022.

Friday, October 8 at 17.00 hours the result can be seen, tickets are only € 5.

About GINGKO or: 56 million years ...
After the success of the impressive dance opera 8: METAMORPHOSIS Nicole Beutler comes with a new musical total experience that confronts us with the great changes that await us. In GINKGO we say goodbye to the world as we know it. We dance on the garbage heaps of our civilization as melancholy pieces of music from our collective memory distort and dissipate.

Producer Gary Shepherd and thereminist Dorit Chrysler compose a penetrating swan song. Chrysler's hands touch invisible strings as she guides us to our own demise like a master of ceremonies. Singers of the Nederlands Kamerkoor NXT sing their last song. Five dancers dance their last dance, until only the gingko tree remains: the Japanese nut tree that was able to withstand even the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima.