WE LIVE HERE 2021: Impermanence


GREENHOUSE & Nicole Beutler Projects present WE LIVE HERE: Impermanence
5 - 9 JULY 2021, AMSTERDAM

WE LIVE HERE is the yearly summer academy by which we propose time for experimentation, research and reflection. Every summer, at the end of the season, we gather a (small) temporary community of professionals in the performing arts and beyond to work and think together.

This year we will zoom in on the questionable position of humanity in relation to our ecosystem. We will focus on the idea and fear of impermanence. In the midst of a climate crisis it feels like it is time to meditate upon letting go. Together we will explore farewell and funeral rituals, death and lamentations - to say goodbye to the world as we know it. In doing so we might find ways to transform towards a new balance between nature, man, animal and object.

WE LIVE HERE will take place from 5 - 9 July at the BAU Studio's, Entrepotdok 4 in Amsterdam. We offer a five-day full time programme from morning until evening. During the week we will work with our body and mind. The programme is not yet fully finalized, but will include some contact improvisation classes by Hillary Blake Firestone, a transformational breath session with Gjalt Vlam as well as workshops and lectures by (amongst others) dramaturge Guy Cools who in his most recent book Performing Mourning investigates lamentation in the performing arts, Lotte van den Berg who is working on Dying Together / Futures and Ernst-Jan Kuiper - a climate physicist and member of Extinction Rebellion.



WE LIVE HERE is a GREENHOUSE project, produced by Nicole Beutler Projects.
GREENHOUSE is a new development network by BAU Platform for Dance and Performance, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Keren Levi | NeverLike, Nicole Beutler Projects and Veem House for Performance