The One I Feed

By Genevieve Murphy

Inspired by the concept of self-destruction, “The One I Feed” sketches a portrait of the conflict and the uncertainty in a destructive mind. The attractiveness of this destructive voice and the euphoria it creates in oneself when feeding it, results in something far too complicated to give up.

Cast & Credits

Concept, Composer, Scenographer & Director: Genevieve Murphy
Musicians/Performers: Pieternel Berkers, Renée Bekkers (TOEAC) and Genevieve Murphy
Dramaturge: Nienke Scholts
Commissioned by: November Music
Co-Produced by: Standplaats Utrecht and Nicole Beutler Projects
Supported by: Fonds Podium Kunsten NL
Lighting Advisor: Jan Fedinger
Technical and Scenography Advisor: Doan Hendriks
Technician: HP Hulscher
PR image: Julian Hetzel