NKK NXT x Nicole Beutler Projects

What would a 'swan song' for the end of the world as we know it sound like? Director and choreographer Nicole Beutler will investigate this, together with eight trainees of the Netherlands Chamber Choir NXT. Next year during the Rotterdam O. Festival we will be premiering the new performance GINKGO(or: 56 million years ago there were palm trees on the North Pole). It will be a 'last dance', a requiem in which we say goodbye to the objects and memories that so characterize our current civilization. This O. Lab is a first step to develop two new choral songs related to the theme of GINKGO. In search of the voice of overabundance and the mournful lament of farewell.

Nicole Beutler makes musical and visual dance theater that is not easily be categorized. Her performances are based on universal, current themes, which she manages to capture in powerful images that are moving. The common thread for the coming years is 'Rituals of Transformation': in three performances, Beutler shapes the transformation process of the world in relation to the climate crisis. The prologue was already presented with 8: METAMORPHOSIS (2019), a dance opera for the end of the patriarchy, which was nominated for the Swan for the most impressive dance performance.