Several species of small furry animals...

"Several species of small furry animals…" is a series of four solo portraits placed on the borderline of dance, performance and installation art. It is a spectacle in which distractions such as excessive movements, costumes and music have been reduced to a minimum in order to allow for the observer to see the performers’ skin, nerves and sweat, in their ‘natural’ surroundings: the stage. The question is this: what is it that burns the image of the performer onto the spectator’s retina? Is it what they actually do, or is it the dance that flickers from within? Does revealing the body, like a striptease, slowly bring the viewer closer to the essence of who the dancer is? Can we stick a pin through the performer’s body and fix them, labelled, into our visual archive? This performance was developed in close collaboration with the performers and can be performed in theatres, galleries and museums. A book accompanies this work, archiving associative as well as context-related material and texts on the ‘making-of…’.

"Several species of small furry animals..." was selected by the Dutch periodical TM (Theatermaker, June 2004) as one of the five best dance performances that appeared in the Netherlands in the 2003/2004 season.

Cast & Credits

Choreography: Nicole Beutler
Dancers: Hester Van Hasselt, Claire Fleury/Anne Rooschüz, Ricardo Santana/Lucas Condro, Paz Rojo

Artistic assistance
: Robert Steijn
Music: Pan Sonic, Chris Watson

Music manipulation: Gary Shepherd
Video manipulation: Helle Lyshoj

Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen
: Anja Beutler
Book: Nicole Beutler
Book design: Connie Nijman
Coproducers: Dansateliers Rotterdam, Theater Gasthuis