Lost Is My Quiet Forever

We will be abstract, bestial, cruel, perverse, ridiculous, subtle, vulgar and fraudulent. We will reject our mortality and stay. This is a momentary pleasure. Life is here and now. We are here, and now we live. Excessively, until we drop. This has everything and nothing to do with paradise. Ecstasy, vanity and erotic surrender. Everything is artifice, everything is real.

Lost is My Quiet Forever is my conscious misinterpretation of a possible baroque opera. For the first time I work with singers on stage: the countertenor Maurits Musch and the (pop-soprano) singer Monica Page. This is the last part of a trilogy, after The Exact Position of Things (2005) and Enter Ghost (2006). In this new work I examine qualities associated with the baroque period in their relevance for my fascinations in theatre today. Theatricality, abundance, overflow, celebration, sorrow and mainly the contradiction between reason and passion is at the base of this work. We are attempting to distort the edges of a reflective distance and attempt to deviate beyond rational boundaries. Together with five performers and two singers I am searching for bodily forms to express ideas of instability, unpredictability, struggle and extreme emotions in relation to their function and effect on both performer and spectator.

Cast & Credits

Idea, choreography: Nicole Beutler
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
Made in collaboration with the performers and singers: Katy Hernan, Hester van Hasselt, Pedro Ines, Niels Kuiters, Aimar Perez Gali, Monica Page (soprano), Maurits Musch (countertenor)
Artistic assistance: Esther Snelder
Intern: Giulio D'Anna
Music: Gary Shepherd
Costume: Jessica Helbach
Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen
Licht assistance and technique: Martin Kaffarnik
Graphic design: Connie Nijman
Photography: Anja Beutler
Video: Videomachas(Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshoj)

Production: Nadine Zijp, Dorothea Sinnema(tot 2008), Josta Obbink(van 2009)

Publicity: Eline Groeneweg
Management: Inge Koks(tot 2008), Janine Dijkmeijer(van 2009)
Thanks to: David Weber-Krebs, Steve Green, nina Hitz, Cora Schmeiser
Supported by: AFK, NFPK, Norma Fonds