At The Spot Where I Find Myself / Live Band!

A hybrid concert and performance with spoken word, visual art, rock, free improvisation and electronic music

Stuck in a position of indecision a woman becomes increasingly aware of her body in the space, observing her apartment as an extension of herself. “At The Spot Where I Find Myself” is an assemblage of memories, identities and projections giving you an intimate insight into Genevieve’s world. Provoking us to view our own places of safety where we can release emotions, find protection and disappear she forms an alliance with the audience in the private space on stage that she calls “home”. This concert performance is awkward, disturbing, introvert, humorous and delicate.

Genevieve is expanding her solo performance for the main hall of Muziekgebouw on the 31st of May 2024. Joining her on stage will be her band, consisting of cutting edge musicians Andy Moor (Guitar), John Dikeman (Saxophones), Laura Polence (Keyboards and Voice) and Henning Luther (Drums and Percussion).  This hybrid form of concert and performance will bring you spoken word, visual art, rock, free improvisation and electronic music.

“Having the opportunity to perform At The Spot Where I Find Myself” in Muziekgebouw inspired me to have the music performed live. As a soloist I have to perform the narrative of my piece and holding an instrument became intrusive to the intense physical journey I undertake in the work. Inviting musicians who are very physical performers and unique in their sound will bring the music alive, responding to my voice and character as well as triggering me to become reactive towards them. They will feed my imagination and hopefully the audience’s too. The power of live music only feels right to share in a venue like Muziekgebouw can ’t IJ!”, Genevieve Murphy

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Genevieve Murphy/ Rizoom/ Nicole Beutler Projects