18/19/20 January 2024 in Frascati Theater Amsterdam

It's time to COME TOGETHER (9)

We had the kick-off last week and it was once again very exciting!

Joining us this year: Lisa Schamlé, Trees Heil, Pensive Vivifier, Waakhond, Werkplaats van de Woestijne, Sara Europaeus, Hannah Chandra Mahler, Rebecca Lillich Krüger/ Karolina Krynicka, Bai Li Wiegmans, Sjaid Foncé, Memic project / Roberta Maimone, Tamar Blom, Leendert Vooijce, Luit Bakker, Luuk Weers, Xiao Chuyue, Antonio Jose Guzman & Iva Jankovic, Corina Mitrovici | Carl-Johan Paulsen and Barnaby Savage.

For three days, artists, colleagues and audiences share time, space and practice with each other. All the spaces of Frascati will be buzzing and bubbling with short sketches, presentation, poetic experiment, engaged conversations, lectures, debates and dance parties.

Our goal is to nurture opportunities for growth, recognizing that, like plants, ideas need care and cultivation to blossom. This gathering contributes to a fertile breeding ground for the Amsterdam performance, dance, and mime community, sharing the year's harvest with our audience.

A GREENHOUSE project produced by Nicole Beutler Projects in collaboration with Frascati, Ulrike Quade Company and BackBone.


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