Our annual summer academy WE LIVE HERE is coming soon!

10 - 14th of July in Amsterdam

WE LIVE HERE is the yearly summer academy with which we propose time for experimentation, research and reflection. Every summer, at the end of the season, we gather a (small) temporary community of professionals in the performing arts and beyond to work and think together.

This year WE LIVE HERE will zoom in on the questionable position of humanity in relation to our ecosystem. We will focus on the future. A future still unknown; beyond the apocalypse, beyond the downfall of current civilization, a future in which nature has reclaimed its place.  On the look for new networks, new relations and rituals, to make our 'world' grow together again we will break our logical thinking pattern with artistic intervention by Emke Idema and Marie Groothof with the School of Unlived Worlds.  Furthermore, the program will consist of breathwork, yin yoga classes as well as meetings/ workshops/ lecture with (amongst others): moon cycle dances by Reve Terborg, a workshop on interspecies performances and dances by Toni Steffens, and a conversation with Marjan Slob ‘denker des vaderlands’ on what it means to live together, to share our life on earth with each other.