Incredibly Grateful!

Support Received Again from Fondspodiumkunsten for Plans 2025-2028

We are incredibly grateful and happy with the generous support we have once again received for our plans for 2025-2028 from FPK Fondspodiumkunsten!!!

Thank you for trusting our mission!

"The committee is positive regarding the originality of the work of Nicole Beutler Projects. They observe that Nicole Beutler Projects operates from an intrinsic drive to cause systemic change in society by prompting the audience to reflect on their own role on the planet. According to the committee, the translation of the big themes into concrete performances is clearly motivated and explained." - Committee Fondspodiumkunsten

This recognition gives us energy and courage to continue thinking big!

However, it is also an emotional rollercoaster—when such important voices in the field are at risk of disappearing, it is disheartening. How to maintain a fertile field of innovative art in dance performance theatre, it remains a challenge.Let’s continue to fight for exciting art and artists!

Free-thinking, autonomous, and boundless.

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