Markgrafentheater in Erlangen

Germany-premiere of GINKGO

We are going abroad!

We are taking the first part of our trilogy abroad! On May 17th we are going for the first time with GINKGO OR: 56 MILLION YEARS AGO THERE WERE PALM TREES ON THE NORTH POLE to Germany. Our performance will be part of the international in the Markgrafentheater in Erlangen.

We completed our local tour in January at the Parktheater in Eindhoven. Now it’s time to empty our storage so we can hang our human-consumerism again, but this time on the ceilings of an international theater.

And guess what? Everyone is onboard also joining us, the entire choir CONSENSUS VOCALIS. We are grateful for our great team and are happy that visitors have embraced this first part of our trilogy: RITUALS OF TRANSFORMATION. Your support makes it possible to take GINKGO abroad.

Stay tuned with our socials to stay informed about our Germany trip!

Meanwhile, we are busy preparing ATMEN , the second part of the trilogy RITUALS OF TRANSFORMATION. Let’s take deep breath and enjoy one more time a farewell to the world as we know it.