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8: METAMORPHOSIS receives VSCD Mimeprijs

The performance 8: METAMORPHOSIS receives the VSCD Mimeprijs 2021!

From the jury report:

'An eight-piece male choir, percussionist Frank Rosaly, composer/dj Gary Shepherd and a moving light grid by designers Julian Maiwald and Minna Tikkainen shine in an alternative creation story. Leitmotif: the disintegration of the patriarchy. After a drumming big bang, the singers, moving uniformly at first in a cleverly executed mimography-of-suit, transform into mythical, androgynous and animalistic creatures. Purcell's most famous, baroque lament becomes a jolting, echoing sound poem in the remix.'

Other nominees were Dries Verhoeven, URLAND, Davy Pieters and Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot.